Here you will find my Prices, TOS and Contacts


Bust - €70

Half Body - €100

Additional Character +€80

Full Body - €130

Additional Character +€110
NSFW +€20


Simple Ref - €140 (Front view FB, Back view HB and HeadShot)Big Ref - €180 (Front/Back view FBs, HeadShot, Paw view)
(Items Can Be Added For Extra)
NSFW +€20


By commissioning me you agree to my Terms Of Servise- I take full payment upfront. All payment must be in EURO(€) via PayPal.
- I do not draw mecha (robotic parts are ok) or any kind of hardcore fetish.
- Prices may vary depending on character complexity. Wings and complex clothing are also charged extra.
- If you have any questions feel free to ask me.
- You will be provided with a sketch wip, at that stage you can ask me to make changes.
- Some changes can be made on the finished piece, which costs extra depending on intensity. (Unless its a visual/design mistake by me, then it’s free of charge)
- If you want your commission to remain private, please state beforehand.
No refund after the piece is finished


You can contact me on the following sites.
I check Twitter constantly and will most definitely answer within a few hours.